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The Nevermind Shop has been serving Upton, Massachusetts for nearly 16 years, and we're proud to be one of the highest-rated record stores in Worcester county!

We have over 20,000 records, both new and old, as well as cassettes, CDs, posters, & other memorabilia. Come pay us a visit and see why people say "It's Worth The Trip!"

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We carry a wide selection of vinyl records, CDs & cassettes, vintage posters, & more!

We buy, sell, & trade!

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Hours subject to change unannounced. Please see our Facebook page for real-time updates to our hours. Thank you!

The Nevermind Shop is located at 1 Milford Street in Upton, MA 01568.
We are on Rt. 140, across from the Upton town hall.

About Us

Opened in 2008, right in the middle of beautiful downtown Upton, Massachusetts, The Nevermind Shop is the perfect location for all of your music media needs. Whether you’re looking for rare or obscure vinyl records, another CD for your car, or genuine vintage posters and memorabilia, The Nevermind Shop truly has it all. Our friendly staff are here to help you find whatever it is you may need. We get in brand new stock every week, so our selection is always changing! You never know what you’ll find here at The Nevermind Shop.

What We Do

We carry a wide variety of genres & artists, and we are always doing our best to have a little something for everybody! There are over 20,000 records to discover in the Great Record Room alone, as well as a large selection of bargain records on our front porch.
Although we do consider ourselves experts in all things vinyl, we have lots more to offer here at The Nevermind Shop! If vinyl isn’t your thing, we also have a diverse selection of both CDs & cassette tapes.
Looking for a little home decor? Visit our poster gallery for a wide selection of vintage & blacklight posters! We also carry vintage music memorabilia, hundreds of stickers, lots of tee shirts, and more!

The Best Record Store Around!

We are proud to be one of the top-rated record retailers serving not just Worcester county, but all of Massachusetts & beyond! We are winners in the MyFM Quest for the Best 2021 & 2022, with a grand total of 2 first place and 3 second place awards! Thanks to customer vote, we placed first in the categories Best Collectables Store and Best Music Store, and second in the categories Best Antique Store and Best Place to Buy a Unique Gift, out of all of the small businesses nominated in the MetroWest area.
Our mantra around here is "It's worth the trip", and we take care to make sure that statement is true for everybody who visits, no matter where they're from.

We're so thankful for the support and positivity we've received from the vinyl community over the last 15 years, and we look forward to many more years in the future! Thank you!

About Nevermind Shop Owner Mick Lawless

Favorite artists: The Monkees, The Beatles, PavementFavorite album: Aimee Mann's I'm With StupidFavorite item in personal collection: The vintage Banana Splits posters above the front counter at The Nevermind ShopZodiac sign: PiscesHobbies & interests: Enjoying nature, playing music, writing songs, watching sports.Fun fact: Once used his last name "Lawless" to get out of a speeding ticket.

Founder and owner of The Nevermind Shop, Mick has been a musician in MetroWest Massachusetts for almost 40 years. Versed in string instruments, he considers songwriting to be his strong suit, and has fronted numerous bands of his own, including the Michael Nesmith tribute Loose Salute, and his band of original material, Mick Lawless and the Reckless Hearts.While also playing in his own bands, Mick has shared the stage as a support musician with members of The Monkees and Three Dog Night, and other iconic artists.

Check out his latest solo album, ...And Then The Wheels Came Off below, or on all major streaming platforms.

Mick with a few selections from our poster gallery

Mick also had his own Monkees radio show from 2022-2024. On The Frodis Room, which aired on the now-defunct Monkee Mania Radio station, Mick joyfully played all things that fall within six degrees of the great Monkees phenomenon. A mix of music spanning 60+ years, including current day power pop and featured songwriters. The series has been archived & is available for listening at

The Frodis Room promotional image by Vanessa @ourdarlingtrue
haiii i made this website too lol :3


If you are looking to sell your collection to us, please CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FAQ BEFORE filling out this contact form. Thank you!

Selling your collection? READ THIS!

Please read our handy FAQ below about the buying/selling process, and contact us after reading if you'd like to set up an appointment. Thank you!

Do you buy records, CDs, tapes, etc?

We buy pre-owned and brand new records, but what records we will accept depends on a variety of factors, which are outlined in the section below. We typically buy records outright, but we also offer store credit or trade-ins, and we will always take donations.We also accept music or pop culture memorabilia, such as tour shirts, autographs, posters, and more. Items such as CDs, cassettes, and 8tracks do not hold much monetary value, but we would still be willing to take a look at small collections that meet the genre and condition criteria. Items such as these are mostly taken if they are donations, as they are not our highest priority.The only DVDs & VHS tapes we are interested in are concert films, musician documentaries, & other music-related films.WE DO NOT BUY THEATRICAL MOVIES, LASERDISKS, OR OTHER NON-MUSIC MEDIA.

Can you tell me how much my collection is worth over the phone/email/etc?

NO. We can only tell you what your collection is worth if we are able to physically inspect the records. Feel free to send us pictures or a list of what you have (both of these are actually very helpful to us), but we cannot give you a quote unless we can inspect the records in person.

What WILL you buy?

We'll take almost anything as a donation (meaning, you give it to us without receiving payment), so if you aren't interested in selling & just want to get rid of your collection, but you also don't want to just throw it all away, we'd be happy to find a good home for it!We are looking for clean (not scratched, warped, or otherwise damaged) 33 rpm LP records. We're looking for records from the mid-1960s to the present, which fall under popular genres such as rock, pop, blues, etc.The covers (jackets) of the records must also be in good shape and free of water damage, mold, cigarette smell/residue, tearing, etc.In terms of buying, classic rock and roll vinyl LPs are our highest priority. We are almost always seeking out records by artists such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc.If you have anything more modern, we'd also be interested! We have a very sizable section of our store dedicated to eras of music from the 80s & 90s, all the way to the newest releases of the 2020s.We will also accept 45 rpm (7 inch) records that meet the criteria above, but only if they have their original picture sleeves. We are not typically interested in loose 45s without picture sleeves, with very few exceptions, such as an obscure label.We will buy children's/Disney records if they are in good condition, but most of they time they aren't top-dollar records.We accept CDs, but just like everything else, how much we pay for them is based on a variety of factors, such as condition, artist/album, and how many CDs we currently have in-store. CDs aren't the most valuable items in the shop, so donation is preferred, but depending on the collection, we may be able to purchase them from you.Cassettes and 8tracks must meet the same requirements (in good condition, by a popular band or genre, etc), however these formats are mostly taken in as donations, as we will usually sell them for between $1 and $5.WE ARE ALMOST ALWAYS LOOKING FOR WORKING STEREO EQUIPMENT! If you have a working turntable/receiver/speakers/etc., we'd be more than happy to take a look.We may also be interested in music or pop culture memorabilia, such as concert shirts, autographs, and posters. These items are a little harder to sell on our end, so they must meet similar criteria (in good condition, by/from a popular or otherwise well-known artist, etc). We may express more interest if your items are vintage!Music related books, vintage magazines, and vintage comic books are welcome, especially vintage music magazines (Circus, Mojo, Rolling Stone, etc.), & pre-1980s Playboy magazines.Victrolas/Phonographs/Gramophones are taken in on a case-by-case basis. These tend to sit for a while, and as we currently have one on our sales floor, we're not looking for another at the moment.

What WON'T you buy?

78 RPM RECORDS. Most high-quality modern turntables do not have a way to play them, so unfortunately we cannot offer money for them. We will, however, occasionally take them in on a donation-only basis.CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY RECORDS. Unfortunately, except for a few weeks every year, there is no market for Holiday records. We'd be more than happy to take these as donations, but we can't pay for them.45s WITHOUT PICTURE SLEEVES. We aren't interested in loose or plain-sleeve 45s, unless they are on an odd or otherwise obscure label.YOUR GREAT-GRANDMOTHER'S RECORDS: think polkas, dance bands or fox trots, classical, etc. We typically don't take anything older than mid-1950s, with very few exceptions.RECORDS THAT ARE SCRATCHED, WARPED, OR OTHERWISE DAMAGED. Records have to meet a condition standard to be sold in our Great Record Room. Dirty records are welcome, provided they are not moldy/musty, scratched, or otherwise damaged. We have an industrial grade record cleaning machine, so a little dirt never hurt anybody!RECORDS WITH VERY DAMAGED OR MISSING JACKETS (covers). General age wear, minor splitting, and manufacturer cutouts are okay, but we will not take records with jackets that have condition issues such as water damage, tearing, mold or mustiness, cigarette smell/residue, severe splitting, etc.BROKEN STEREO EQUIPMENT. As of right now, we have no way to repair broken stereo equipment, so we cannot accept turntables/speakers/etc that do not fully function as intended.MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Aside from the occasional guitar, we don't buy musical instruments.VHS TAPES AND DVDS THAT ARE NOT CONCERT/MUSIC FILMS. We won't purchase regular theatrical movies.LASERDISKS. These are welcome as donation, but they're considered a novelty to most people, so we can't pay for them.ANTIQUES that are not pop-culture related.

My items meet your criteria, how do I sell them to you?

If you can do so, please use the contact page to send us a list of what records or other items you have, before coming in or setting up an appointment, especially if your collection is larger! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to do this, as it makes the buying process much smoother! You can also send your list to us via email. We will also look at online collection catalogs, such as a discogs library.If you don't have many records/other items, or you are willing to bring your items in to us, we will look at collections during normal business hours. You may set up an appointment if you'd like to, but for very small collections, appointments are not mandatory. If you do not make an appointment, please call before you come in to make sure the owner Mick is present and available to look at your collection!!If you are local and have a very large collection or you cannot bring your collection in to us for whatever reason, please email or call us to make an appointment and we will find a good time where we can come to you.

What is the selling process like?

First, we will assess your collection, looking at general condition, genre of music, etc.We will usually sort your collection into 3 categories: media that can go in the Great Record Room, media that will go outside for $2, and media that we will not take, if any.After your collection is assessed and sorted, we will let you know either the amount we can pay you, or how much we can offer in store credit. We typically give more in store credit than in payment (for example, if we offer you $25 payment, we could offer you $35 in store credit instead!). Payment is usually by check.If you are happy with our offer, we will gladly purchase your collection! However, If you are unhappy with the offer or do not want to sell for any reason, we will not be offended! Although the collection criteria on this page may be overwhelming, we are happy to create a very low-pressure selling environment, and even if you aren't interested in our offer, we can still be friends :)If you have emailed us ahead of time with a list of what you would like to bring in, we will let you know which records out of your collection we are interested in, if any, prior to you bringing them in to us.

My items do not meet your critera, where else can I bring them?

Unfortunately, you'll find most record stores are all looking for the exact same stuff. If your collection does not meet our criteria for any reason, you are more than welcome to try any of the other record stores in the surrounding area, but depending on the contents of your collection, they may not be interested either.However, there are other places that may take them! We personally recommend The Blessing Barn in Mendon, as well as Savers in Worcester & Woonsocket.